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EagleAI Technologies

"AI-Powered Fault Detection for Body Shops"

About Us

EagleAI Technologies has developed AI-Powered Fault Detection Software that will enable body shops to detect systematic fault patterns and their causes early on. It will help determine whether the problem is a one-time or recurring issue, such as recurring quality defects with certain colours or paint brands or a specific make and model of car, using machine learning as well as reducing any unavoidable human errors.


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Problems to Solve

  • Shortage of body shops and manpower resources in North America and Canada:

    The collision repair industry is experiencing a labour shortage, which is driving up wages and repair costs. With an increasing number of vehicles on the road and rising accidents in North America, the demand for collision and coating repairs has increased.

  • Manual equipment used for painting and coating:

    Spray guns are the most common tool used by body shops and other workshops for coating and painting. It is critical that such equipment operates properly and is repaired or replaced on time.

  • Challenges related to inspection of paint colour, quality and finish:

    Many auto body shops rely solely on visual inspections, such as checking body panel alignment and looking for gaps that could indicate bodywork or panel replacement. Visual inspection techniques are particularly limited in dimly lit areas or bad weather, and defects such as changes in color, texture, or gloss frequently go undetected.

  • Challenges related to automotive paint meters:

    Automotive paint meters are proven to be better than visual inspection but are not cost-effective. Body shops have increasingly started using electronic paint thickness meters to accurately assess paintwork quality due to their reliable and quantifiable measurement results.

  • Supply chain issues hindering operations of body shops:

    Vehicle repairs are being pushed back due to a clogged global supply chain. After months of parts availability, auto body shops struggle to keep customers and begin repair procedures. Inspection procedures are sometimes repeated, wasting time and effort.

Our Solution

AI-based software for fault detection and digital transformation for auto body shops

  • We have developed AI-Powered Fault Detection Software that will enable body shops to detect systematic fault patterns and their causes early on.

  • Our software will use AI to investigate and determine whether the fault is a one-time or systematic issue.

  • Our software will lower the workload of workers by avoiding repetitive tasks and rework.

  • Our software will shorten visual inspection time.

  • Improving quality and increased first-run rates.


AI-enabled software

Real-time insights

Seamless integration with existing data source

High-performance defect detection

App in both automatic robotic and manual process


Our Team

Saif Ali Rastgar


He is an ambitious and determined businessman and investor, with an extensive background in finance, manufacturing technology, operations, and human resource management with 24 years of experience. He had worked as Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, Lead Trainer, Management Representative, Co-founder, and Trustee. As Chief Executive Officer of EagleAI Technologies, Mr. Saif Ali Rastgar will leverage his experience and business expertise from his other role as CEO to help the Company become successful within Canadian markets.

Qasim Ali Rastgar


He is a passionate and results-driven Director and Member of Board with 27 years of experience. He had worked as Trainee, Strategic Partner, and Co-founder. As Chief Operating Officer of EagleAI Technologies, Mr. Qasim Ali Rastgar will work closely with the CEO to design and implement policies to promote the Company’s culture and vision and oversee operations to keep businesses on track to success within Canada.

Vikesh Kumar Khatri


He has carved a niche for himself in the field of financial management with 18 years of experience with proficiency in audit, financial reporting, fund management, project management, budget management, variance analysis, VAT, payroll management, and MIS reporting. He had worked as Junior Auditor, Senior Auditor, Tax Consultant, Engagement Auditor, Audit Manager and Financial Controller. As Chief Financial Officer of EagleAI Technologies, Mr. Khatri will be utilizing his experience to develop a competitive edge and carve a niche for EagleAI in the Canadian market.

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